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Welcome to my website, I’ve been drawing since a small child, incurring the wrath of many teachers when they found my exercise books consisted of two double pages, the rest taken stealthily (or so i thought) from the middle to use for drawing.

I moved up in the world and got to use proper paper, pens and paints and was awarded a BA Hons in Graphic design and illustration from Liverpool School of Art, as a thanks for not stealing pages from their exercise books.

I love illustrating from life and at the moment I’m in the process of attracting Herring Gulls into my garden so I can draw them for a book I am writing.  I also give art tuition, have sold and received commissions for paintings throughout the UK and other Countries. If you would like to commission a painting or illustration, please contact me.

When not drawing and painting, I love walking on Snowdon, or our local beach with my other half, Huw and take great pleasure in nature, wildlife and reading.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy it, there are more new illustrations and paintings to come so this web site will be updated regularly.  Kal

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